This innovative online program provides an exact roadmap on how to build and grow a business that is profitable, scalable, and manageable for women who have already launched a business but are struggling with revenue, growth, and bandwidth.


We teach solid business practices and help you develop the skills and traits needed to become a strong leader and a successful CEO.  By focusing on you, we know from experience that your company will then have the greatest chance of survival and success. 


And instead of being focused on a single business idea that either succeeds or fails, the CEOs coming out of our program will be able to launch again and again using the skills and support they have gained through Hautecelerator®.

Premium Membership

for one year

Get access to high-level, successful peers, support, exclusive education and premier member-only events.

Included in your Premier Membership are Early-bird invitations to Haute Dinner Parties, complimentary tickets to select parties and Haute Honors Awards Breakfast, a complimentary exhibitor table at Haute Honors Awards Breakfast (when available), and discounted tickets to Hautecelerator®, and special events like Design Intensive workshops, and our HauteCon™ National Women's Conference!

12 Week Intensive via

Online Modules

12 weekly training modules delivered online in our private forum. This program was designed in our highly successful HauteHopes program, and has been set up in a way so you can access it and do the lessons on your laptop or mobile device, no matter where you live. Each week, we will send you notification of the new module, and you will get access to video, audio and worksheets for that lesson. You will also get the opportunity to interact with other participants in our private, online community.


If you love your experience and what you learn (and heck, we know you will!) you have the option to take the course as many times as you like in 12 months as a Hautecelerator graduate!


Access to Private Forums

for one year

This is where the day-to-day magic happens. Your daily dose of encouragement, inspiration and the occasional kick in the booty to make sure you are setting and reaching your goals in life and business.

Login any time and find your community of BFFs and amazing peers ready and waiting to help. And get the fulfillment of mentoring and helping others along the way.  A true win/win.



If you are starting 2018 in a panic about your lack of revenue or forward progress in your business, it is time to take a breath, and reach out for help.

2018 can be a totally different experience for you in every way - less exhausting, less stressful, less confusing, less of living off of whatever little your business has in the bank account at the end of the month.

Imagine what that would feel like - to give up the struggle and trying to figure it out alone (or trying bits of advice from lots of people who might not really understand your business). 


How would it feel to have a safe place to go learn the stuff you have never had time to learn, and had a safe place to ask the "dumb" questions - the ones you tell yourself you should already know the answer to, but don't - and then beat yourself up about?  (Hint: there are no dumb questions in Hautecelerator). 

Imagine how it would feel to finally figure out the trick to paying less in expenses each month, bringing in more clients consistently, taking home more money at the end of each and every month - all with ease and little chaos?


What would that be worth to you? What would it be worth to not have to feel constantly behind, constantly putting out fires, constantly frustrated that you can't seem to catch up - financially or your To Do list? To finally feel like your idea was paying off? To no longer have to explain to your significant other or family why they need to trust you to make this business of yours work in a sustainable way?

How would that feel?  Relief? Peace? Even joy? 

Do you have any idea how to get from how you feel today to that place?  If not, you need help.  You need support, encouragement, good information (the kind you can actually use and see results from), and you need to make a commitment that will keep you doing the work, even if it is hard to fit it in every day.

We know from experience that it is human nature to need skin in the game to show up. It is time for YOU to put skin in the game, stop making excuses (no matter how sincere they are) and make a change.

As Einstein said:  "If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got."  


You have to do something different, outside of your comfort zone, and uncomfortable enough that it will shake things up and get you moving into the future you want

Hautecelerator runs for 12 weeks. It will get you ready for a profitable, successful and (yes!) enjoyable 2018. And you will finally have the support of an amazing community of like-minded women, all holding you accountable and building you up.

Invest in yourself and say yes to yourself. Do it now, because you are worth it, and your business deserves a real chance.

Muster your courage and sign up now. You got this.


Most accelerators focus on helping you get a pitch deck ready for investors.

And online "business schools" are fun, beautiful and entertaining, but they are like kindergarten for business owners.

What we teach is what you ACTUALLY need to know to be a real business woman, and to have a profitable, scalable (and even sellable) business. We also teach you how not to screw things up when they start going well - mindset is a critical part of success.

We hold a very sacred space in this group, for women who are ambitious, heart-centered leaders, who know they have big things to accomplish with their businesses, and who need help getting their business operating like a well-oiled machine so it is super profitable, scalable or even sellable.  If that is you, even if you haven't had huge success yet, then you are someone who needs to join us!


If you think you are one of those special women (or want to grow into one), then we are excited to meet you! The program has all you need to become the woman business owner you and leader you want to be, so don't fret if you don't feel like you have reached your potential yet.  We are all a work in progress!  Be brave and use the button below to sign up. 


BUT... please be ready to invest not just time and focus, but money.  You would not expect to get an MBA for free or for the same cost as a community college. 


The same is true here.  In fact, you will get a real-world MBA experience for a fraction of what that investment would cost you at a University.


And our program gives you tangible skills and knowledge you can't get in college, no matter how much money you pay a University. 


Be ready to invest in your own success and growth as a CEO.  The good news? This program doesn't cost anything close to what an MBA or University degree costs!


If you are ready to finally learn the skills, strategies and mindset needed to take your business from struggling to successful -from puttering to profitable - you are the perfect person for this program.


We know it takes courage to sign up and make the investment in something like this.


Do it anyway. Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone.

You have the same amount of time in a day as Oprah, Beyonce, Elon Musk and Richard Branson. Have you ever thought about that? You have the same 24 hours a day that they do.  Pretty humbling, when you think about it, isn't it?


The only difference between them and you (until now, because you are about to change that, hallelujah!) has been how you have chosen (and yes, it has been a choice) to spend your time, energy and money.  Seriously - they all started out with nothing.  They did NOT have more money or resources than you do. They do now, but none of them did when they started. 


You know what they did differently then, and still do now?  They took a chance on themselves and believed they could reach their dreams if they worked at it.  They also did not stay in their comfort zones.  And they do not live in their comfort zones now.  They are constantly growing, constantly learning, constantly pushing their boundaries - all of which means investing real, hard cash into having the right people around them helping them with all of this. 


You cannot get to where you want to go doing the same things you have always done. You have to do something radical - and yes, likely a tad bit terrifying- in order to launch yourself up to the next level. 

That is what Hautecelerator is all about.  Supporting you on that journey. You don't have to do it alone, and you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  If you come ready to start living like the greats do - like Bey - we are ready to give you the tools and support you need to reach your dreams. 

Muster your courage and sign up now. You got this.




If you are a woman business owner or entrepreneur ready for a breakthrough with your life and business - if you want to grow your business revenue significantly, grow your business nationally or even just finally pay yourself a salary - Hautecelerator is for you.

There is no need to settle for less than you know is possible, and you don't need to accept the idea that it is lonely at the top.

In Hautecelerator, you will find the training, support and accountability that you need to lead like a woman and finally make the money you want, create a profitable business, AND be successful and fulfilled in your life and business. 

Ready to join us?


If you are a newbie or don't have the revenue yet to afford Hautecelerator, but you want support with getting to the point where you can, consider joining one of our free challenges, which we will be also launching again soon.


Watch our Facebook page or sign up for emails on this site for info on our next free challenge.


It will get you on the road to the kind of success that Hautecelerator women learn to have every day.  xoxo


This program is for women who are serious, heart-centered and visionary leaders ready to do big things with their businesses and lives. 


And listen up:  Everyone can find the money for things they truly value.  If you found out you had cancer, you would find the money to pay for treatment, because it would matter greatly to you. 


Your professional and personal growth and the future of your business should rank pretty high as far as priorities go. 


If you don't have the money, you can always find the money  (e.g. if you have a great product or service, then step up your sales and generate the money for the program; or cut out unnecessary expenses to make room for this powerful program that will help you earn even more money in a short period of time).  You can do it if it really matters to you.  We know you can.