Welcome to Module 2 of Hautecelerator! 


Now that you’ve identified your industry, your main competitors and your customers, you have done all of the difficult groundwork for this week’s focus: Sales.

We’re going to start out this week by exploring how to prove “market fit” for your company.

Modules Two:  Proving Your Market


Whether or not you are currently making sales, in order to scale your sales to the next level, you must do the necessary legwork to truly understand whether there is the right alignment between your product or services and your ideal client or customer - and whether that market is big enough, robust enough and interested enough to make it possible to increase your sales to reach your new goals.


The only way to do that, is to get out there and "test" the market.  You need to know from actual potential customers if they would actually be interested in and pay you for your product or service.  You want actual feedback from them about what they like or don't like about what you offer.  It requires hitting the "streets" and having real conversations, ideally face to face, if possible, to get real-time data on how your ideal customer responds to your messaging, packaging and offering.  If you haven't done the work to test your market and prove that you have something people want to pay for, then you are flying blind....AND you might be trying to sell something no one wants.  If you aren't making consistent sales, it means you haven't proven your market - you are either selling the wrong thing, your messaging isn't on point, your branding isn't resonating with your ideal customers, etc.... The only way to know that is do to the work of proving your market. Use the below worksheet to get going on that process, and make sure you keep really good notes of your conversations, so you can take that feedback and turn it into a useful revision of your offering, powerful sales copy, or a rebrand.