Welcome to day three of your second meaty week in Hautecelerator! We know we have given you a ton of work, and some of it might be downright challenging for you.  We get it. We have been there.  We urge you to keep at it and take it step by step. Don't quit and don't stop.  Doing this work will help transform you into the CEO and founder you want to be!

Yesterday’s assignment required quite a bit of reading and a deep dive into your own company. Today we’re adding just a little bit more reading - not a lot - to facilitate the work you are doing this week. All three columns have been published in the last few days from various perspectives.


As you read the articles, ask yourself whether their advice resonates with what you are doing already, whether there are things you can use and whether there are things you don’t agree with. Sometimes determining our best strategies for sales has just as much to do with deciding what doesn’t fit our culture and product as what we want to adopt. While this is partly intended to you a bit of reprieve from the hard work of the last two days, the topics and points-of-view in these articles are incredibly instructive.  Make sure you read them - don't skip this.  Leaders are readers, and reading daily is what will help keep you sharp and inspired.  They say that the most successful leaders and CEOs in the world read as many as 60 books a year, so if you aren't in the habit of reading daily, we aim to help you cultivate that skill. It really is a vital part of being a true CEO and leader.