Welcome to day four of your second meaty week in Hautecelerator! We are not wasting any time here - we are giving you a truly immersive, real-world business school experience. As you well know now, this is not a fluffy, light-weight program. It is meant to give you the REAL information you need to be a real CEO and founder.  So many accelerators get focused on things like fundraising or valuations, and don't spend any time making sure the founder is equipped to keep the darn company alive.  We aim to change that. 

Today's assignment will help you get a clear view of the many ways to generate leads, and then how to ask for the sale once you have them. 

Sales & Profits:  Leads

This week is all about breaking down the sales process and making sure you have a clear handle on what steps you need to take to get to sales on a consistent and continual basis.  By now, you should have clarity on your ideal client or customer, the product or service they are willing to pay you for, and your pricing, expenses and profit margins. You should also have your clear revenue goals for the next 30 and 90 days, and 12 months.  Armed with that vital info, you need to now come up with a tangible plan to reach those revenue goals.  This is the beginning of the real sales process.  

NOTE: If you skipped any of the previous exercises, you aren’t ready for this exercise.  You don’t want to promote the wrong thing to the wrong audience, or promote even the right thing at the wrong price point.  Go back and finish up the work we have given you up until today.  

The Sale Process: Lead Generation
The sales process starts with lead generation.  You can’t sell to people who you don’t have access to, so the first step in the sales process is getting in front of your ideal client or customer, and doing it in a way that makes them want to know more about what you are offering them.

Start your worksheet on Leads here: 

Sales & Profits:  Ask for the Sale

The quiz you took at the end of last week will help you understand why you may enjoy or dread asking for the sale. For someone who enjoys sales, everything you do is leading up to the moment when you can finally put everything on the line and see whether it was enough to get someone to make a purchase. For those who enjoy marketing, you may find yourself doing anything and everything to avoid this final moment of the sales process. But whether it is something you enjoy or something you dread, everyone can learn techniques that result in more sales. Finding the techniques that best fit your personality, company culture and products will enable you to improve your bottom line and reach your goals.

Watch the videos and start your worksheet on Asking for the Sale here: