Welcome to the final day of your second module in Hautecelerator!


This week we have been talking about all things “sales,” and today rounds out this module with a deeper dive into the powerful revenue generators of referrals and repeat business.  

In the grand scheme of things, getting more business from customers or clients who have already said “yes” to you once is much easier and much cheaper than acquiring new clients or customers.  

The central rule for getting referrals and repeat business is simple: deliver incredible customer or client experiences all the time.  Make your client or customer experience consistently good, also.  The more consistent and positive their experience, the more likely they will not only hire you or pay you more than once, but the more likely they will refer others to you or recommend your product or service to others.  

So your first job is to make sure that what you sell - product or service - is the best it can be.  Focus on excellence.  Bring as much value as you can.  Think about being of service and the ways you can delight your clients or customers.  Don’t just meet their needs - do things that surprise them (in the best possible way).  Go the extra mile.  You get it, right?  This is where your research about your competitors pays off.  If you know what your competitors are doing well….and what they are NOT doing well, you should have ideas of how to distinguish your offerings and your client/customer experience in a way that will make your business stand out in the best possible way.  Find ways to innovate your delivery of your product or service, so that there is no other choice but you.  

Today's assignment will help you get a clear view of the many ways to succeed in getting regular referrals and repeat business from existing clients or customers.  Watch the video and access the PDF worksheet for the lesson and exercises: